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FNSCOM.COM is a provider of AspDotNetStorefront. AspDotNetStorefront is an e-commerce package, which allows for total control over the shopping cart, the shop's web pages and has an extensive back-end application that allows the shop owner to manage all aspects of its online commerce.

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AspDotNetStorefront includes a robust built-in shopping cart, but AspDotNetStorefront is also much more than just a "shopping cart", because it also brings content management capabilities to your store (for instance, you can have an unlimited number of HTML pages, news items, image galleries, etc).  Your site appearance can also be highly customized, to enhance your unique online business values and strengths.


Multiple billing/shipping addresses per customer (similar to Amazon.com style checkout)
Recurring orders (e.g. for autoship products, monthly subscription fees, monthly service type products, etc)
Mini-Cart display, so add to cart action leaves user on same page, and updates mini-cart display in left or right column of page
Customer Subscriptions for protected content
Password Protected HTML Pages (password protected topics)
Text options on products (e.g. require initials for monogrammed products, require text name for product customization, etc)
Support for ShipRush Server System (ShipRush server is a 3rd party product)
Support for paging/sorting of category products by sku, price, display order, name


Unlimited Number of Products: You can have as many products as you need. Some larger stores have had over 30,000 products in their database
Unlimited Number Categories & Departments: We do not limit the number of items in the database.


Recent Products Page
"Best Sellers" Products Page
Customer "wish list" supported (persists over visits)
Shopping cart can persist over visits
Shopping cart can be told to age in N days


Support for simple products (e.g. a book) or products with variants
Product Variants allow different prices (e.g. VHS version, or DVD version, etc). Each variant can have a separate SKU modifier, and price, description, etc
Support for product sizes & colors
Sizes & Colors options can adjust product price
Support for sale prices
Related Products: Entice additional sales by listing related products/accessories on each product page
Product prices can be set to "Call for Price'
Products can require that other products are added to cart (e.g. Product X requires Product Y)
Support for Kits (build to order products). Kits can have dynamic pricing and component selection (e.g. build your own PC) and more specification as to what items can be added, whether they are required, etc... Kit Items cannot be ordered separately
Product Photos: All products can have three photos: icon, medium, large
Categories & sections can also have icon and medium photos
Downloadable Products Supported


Manage your store via easy to use Administration control panel web site
You can configure products, prices, etc all from this administration site
Integrated Product Search
Advanced Product Search Page (by category, section, price range, sku, etc)
QuickBooks Export


Customer levels (e.g. retail/wholesale, or silver/gold/platinum, or member/non-member, etc). You can name the levels anything you want, assign customers to each level, and set pricing for each level down to the individual product
Customer Levels can have discounts applied (e.g. CUSTOMER LEVEL X gets 10% discount)
Quantity discounts supported by dollar amount, percent discount
Built In Customer Mailing Manager: Send e-mails or HTML newsletters to registered customers. Design your newsletter in FrontPage or DreamWeaver and send to registered customers, or send to only customer with orders
Customer can define multiple billing/shipping addresses and select during checkout
Remember me option for returning users
Order History Pages: Customers can get their prior order histories, check order status, etc.


Accept Credit Cards in Real Time: Cards can be processed & verified in real-time, or you can delay processing until a later time
Store can be set to authorize only, or auth-capture credit card mode. You can then capture payment at shipment if desired
Built in PayPal Support
Products can be marked taxable or tax-exempt
Support for CVV2 (credit card security code) entry and checking (fraud prevention)
Credit card numbers never displayed on site, but remembered for user in an encrypted state (shown as ****1111 on site) (You can disable storing of credit card #'s in the db if desired)


Order receipts automatically e-mailed to customer
Customizable Receipt Formats: Customize the format and layout of your store receipts by using a simple HTML template
Cell-Phone SMS Messages sent to store Administrator when new order arrives . Stop wondering  how your site is doing while you are at the gym, at  lunch or on vacation...don't miss that big next-day shipping order again! You can even customize notifications  with an order amount threshold, if you only want to be notified when an order exceeds a certain dollar amount
"Order Has Shipped" e-mail notifications sent to customers with tracking numbers
E-Mail Product To A Friend: Product pages can be e-mailed to friends by site visitors


Coupons & Specials: Supports Coupon codes or other discount/special offers that you may
Coupons can require a certain product in the cart, or a product from a specified category/department or manufacturer
Coupons can be set to expire on specified date
Coupons can be set to Use Once, Use Once Per Customer, Use N Times, etc


Calculate shipping by:
Fixed Rates
By Order Total
By Order Weight
By Order Weight By Zone (by zipcode)
Per Item (each product has a specified shipping cost)
Using Real Time Rates for FedEX, UPS, or USPS (live accurate real-time rate lookup)
Set All Orders to have Free Shipping
Add optional extra "Shipping & Handling" fee to all orders
(ML) Support for drop shippers via warehouse e-mail notification. Helpful for drop-shippers.


High performance asp.net architecture
Built in data caching (optional)


Static Product & Category Pages: Designed to allow search engines to fully crawl and index EVERY product & category page in  your store. This can have a dramatic increase in site traffic from search engines.
Auto-Generate Search Tags for Each Product Page: Each product can have special keywords defined for it, and they will be inserted into the proper Search Engine Meta-Tags on the page, so when the page is indexed, it has the highest possible ranking in the search engine.
Page title, description, and keywords can be specified for each individual category, department and product pages to maximize the ranking of each individual product in your store
Froogle Data Feed Support (Froogle is a registered trademark of Google Inc)
PriceGrabber Data Feed Support


Microsoft SQL Server 2000, 2005, MSDE

Custom Application
Call for details and quotes @ 305.592.4000
For those whose requirements and features cannot be fulfilled with the packages offered herein, FNSCOM.COM offers custom programming services to create the shopping cart of your dreams. No job is too small or too complicated for the FNSCOM's programmers.

SSL and Certificate

In order to process safe and secure transactions within any online shopping environment, your customers will want to know that you are a legitimate e-commerce site and that it is safe to give you their Credit Card information. It is necessary to obtain a server certificate for your store. FNSCOM.COM can provide these certificates at a reasonable price from Verisign or Equifax (now GeoTrust)
Pricing: Geotrust certificates: $299 installed.

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