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Use Internet Marketing To Reach Valuable Customers

Come see how targeting specific buyers will increase your marketing ROI.

We are a Miami internet marketing firm dedicated to creating powerful internet marketing strategies. Our concentration is on acquiring qualified leads that are likely to convert into buyers.

Most online advertising firms promise huge increases in site traffic. While this seems like a worthy goal, it fails to recognize the more important objective of gaining conversions - the completion of a desired activity on a website.

Focusing on conversions such as the purchase of a product or acquisition of a customer lead is very important since they determine the overall success of your online presence. Measuring conversion rates allows us to optimize our efforts to achieve the most efficient impact.

At FNSCOM, we will work with you to develop a strategy designed to not only build traffic, but boost your online revenue.

A successful marketing campaign will combine both short and long term initiatives; below we give you a brief description of the campaign services we offer:

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) :

A collection of techniques designed to improve a site's ranking on search engines, thus attracting more interested customers.

Search Engine Submission:

Properly submitting a website for inclusion in search engines.

Pay Per Click Campaign (PPC) Management:

Search engine advertising based on the search phrases used when looking for specific information.

Online Advertising Management:

Researching and placing ads on sites where they will have the most impact. Advertisement formats include paid listings, company descriptions, and banner advertisements.

Web Analytics:

The analysis of web site use and metrics to aid in developing the most effective online presence.

Services can be purchased individually, but a successful internet marketing campaign will combine all these efforts above in order to ensure that you fully benefit from online advertising and marketing.

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"Your interest and professionalism are second to none!! Your attention to the traffic which we try to generate to our practice is observed by all of us here and so appreciated. I knew to trust my intuition about FNSCOM!”



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