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FNSCOM can not only design and implement your web presence, but we have also helped our clients to create other forms of collateral for their business.

A corporate presentation is a way for a business to solicit their services to others during meetings, shows or even through the mail. FNSCOM will provide you with a presentation that will accurately depict your company while demanding that the design remain professional and in sync with other materials the company has printed and/or their web site.

There are several different medias that we can use in order to provide these presentatons to our clients. They include cds, business card cds, powerpoint, flash presentations, and any combination of the above. Using different or more advanced media enables us to supply our customers with a solution that is contemporary, productive, innovative, and cost efficient.


Our Multimedia sites are produced with Flash, Static HTML and sometimes video elements.

We prefer to use animation as an added feature to our sites rather than the only means of development in order to ensure that our sites are also search engine friendly. Marketing is an extremely valuable service in this industry and we demand that all our sites look innovative, professional as well as perform optimally for search engines.

Streaming video with or without sound can also be integrated within a site. A video can provide your site with movement as well as sound without being too overpowering or heavy for download purposed. We have clients that ask us to optimize their commercial video and add it to the site. This allows businesses to reuse materials all ready commissioned for more than one use.


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