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Fresca Farms is a Grower, Marketer & Distributor of quality flowers and innovative ways of creating and maintaining the demand for them. There is a commitment from every single Fresca Farms employee to making sure your order is fresh, pulled correctly and each box ships.

One of Fresca Farm's main objectives was to revamp their brand identity to provide a more contemporary and unique appeal to the flower industry.

Fresca Farms came to FNSCOM needing an ecommerce site that would make their full product list available online to wholesalers only. Their new site show the full catalog to all viewers, but prices are only available once a customer had inititated an account and that user has been approved by Fresca as a wholesaler.

The ecommerce application implemented by FNSCOM allows Fresca to be in complete control of their inventory as well as providing them with a administration site for all site maintenance including news, rapid ordering, policies, products, and orders.