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Seppala is an established residential developer and general contractor, Seppala Corporation is recognized as one of the leaders in the home building industry. From upscale oceanfront residences to Planned Unit Developments, Seppala Corporation has earned a sterling reputation for quality, fiscal responsibility, attention to detail, and long term customer satisfaction.

Seppala Corporation needed an online presence that would enable them to easily pass their information onto the customer. This site allows potential buyers to use the site as a reference for all specifications.

Not only can customers view the quality of work represented, but also access biographies, past projects, view special features and browse for sale listings by visiting seppalacorp.com. Much time and effort is saved on the part of Seppala in regards to the acquisition potential sales.

In addition, FNS created an intranet and an administrative backend for Seppala employees, enabling them to maintain a repository for all company - wide documents and policies online.